Frankston Civic Heart – Trainstation Park Plaza and Mixed Use Towers

01 - Masterplan - Lockhart Krause Architects.jpg


Project: Frankston Trainstation

Project Type: Competition

Client: Victorian Government

Location: Frankston, Victoria, Australia.

Value: $50,000,000

Size: Trainstation; 2000 m2


The design addresses issues with drug use and aims to strengthen the community.

Like a long pair of arms, a new urban neighbourhood spreads its wings. A series of city blocks, relating to the existing street grid, maps clear opportunities for investment, with mixed use towers and space for expansion of the Holm education institute.  Key to this strategy is relocation of existing council offices to the precinct. These moves would dilute antisocial behaviours, with more people, diversifying and helping to balance demographics, changing the pattern of drug use in the area.

At the heart of the proposal sits a new civic plaza. Connected to the mind and body of Frankston: education and beach precincts, this new hub brings the city together.  A place for the community to gather, share and celebrate current and future achievements. Activation of this place will be achieved by utilizing Frankstons existing skill in healthcare, education, retail and hospitality, a series of small scale shops built as part of an extended trainstation. Like a European plaza, with retail on two sides, forming a thriving outdoor room for Frankston.